Virtual Conference
DEA International Conference
Dongguk University & Nanjing Audit University
The 2020 Virtual DEA International Conference (DEAIC2020)

DEA International Conference 2020 (Data Enabled Analytics)

The DEAIC2020 conference is jointly organized by the Dongguk University, Seoul, Korea, and Nanjing Audit University, China.

DEAIC is organizing a virtual conference, as a replacement of the DEAIC2020 in Seoul, which was cancelled much to our regret due to the recent outbreak of the pandemic COVID 19. Considering both of this health risk issue and the academic needs of our colle agues in the DEA area, we believe that it would be one of viable options among others to provide a virtual place where we can get together and share our valuable ideas and developments in an untact way.

The broad focus of this conference is DEA2, which comprises two interrelated knowledge domains, Data Envelopment Analysis and Data Enabled Analytics. As such, the conference aims at bringing together researchers from the DEA field and from a plethora of other analytics areas under the common umbrella of DEA2, to share their research findings. Of particular interest are research studies dedicated to exploring the new and potential power of DEA2 in the era of Big Data. Our conference intends to lead the efforts to showcase and push the research frontier of DEA2. The conference extents an invitation to researchers from various fields of analytics, including business analysts, data scientists, OR/MS analysts, economists, and academics and practitioners, who are engaged in performance evaluation and benchmarking, data-enabled analytic tasks such as machine learning, deep learning, pattern recognition, classification, prediction, and forecasting.

If you wold like to particpate in this virtual DEAIC, please submit a video presentation. All submitted videos will be included in our online program.
There is no registration fee for this vitual DEAIC2020, and a video presentation certificate will be provied after your video submission.

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